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PowerCmd is a graphical interface for Windows command prompt
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PowerCmd comes as a graphical interface for Windows command prompt. MS-DOS enthusiasts will really enjoy working with this application. It allows users to work with up to four command windows at the same time. Also, they can be arranged in the main window of PowerCmd as the user needs it.

PowerCmd offers support for all MS-DOS command. Even more so, it combines the functionality of CMD tool with other Windows features. For example, in order to view the contents of a document, the user can simply type the full file name in the command prompt, and PowerCmd will automatically open their default text editor assigned to open such files.

Another appealing aspect about PowerCmd is that it allows its users to customize the looks of the command window. Therefore, they will be able to change the background color, text color, font, as well as many other parameters. Moreover, PowerCmd automatically saves a log containing all the commands that were used while working with the program. Of course, this feature can be disabled from the program preferences.

Although, Windows command prompt is not a feature that many make use of, there still are IT professionals that use it on a daily basis. PowerCmd is the right tool for them.

Margie Smeer
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  • Highly customizable
  • It is able to open up to four command windows at the same time
  • It doesn't require many system resources (RAM, CPU, etc.)


  • No disadvantages have been found
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